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My name is David W. Aucoin I am 62 years old and have played music all of my life. I play acoustic guitars and electric guitars. I live in a small town out side of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I love music and I play a lot of different styles of music. Recently I am into meditation music and have completed a CD called Heart of the Earth.

In this CD there are a lot of melodic songs with exotic instruments for relaxation. Please take a listen and do comment if you care to.

I have played music all of my life and I enjoy life very much because music opens up so much joy in a persons life.

I wrote this meditation CD in 2006 called Heart of the Earth. I am just now getting around to promoting it because I never knew how to promote until now with the wonderful tools on the internet and digital downloading.  I work with a great team of people here on the internet.  That makes things a little bit easier and a whole lot less expensive when you have great leadership as far as how the internet works. Having to have a physical product to promote can get to be quite expensive and hard to promote.

I hope you will consider my meditation CD ‘Heart of the Earth’. If you are interested click here.

I would like you to take a listen to the music on the CD ‘Heart of the Earth’. I have written other music that I plan on releasing soon.

I play music in nightclubs and private parties also and enjoy playing music very much.

Please do leave a comment on my site.

Meditation CD ‘Heart of the Earth’

Thank You

David W. Aucoin



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