My thoughts on a recording engineers obligation to the client

Back on my websites and getting ready to start a new career as I approach retirement.

Before I get into Recording Engineers I will build some pedals Trachouse Pedals, but only a few. Most of all I will be helping people get a great demo package for the songs they have written. Recording Engineers

The Recording Studio

As I move forward in the recording Studios industry I am more and more amazed at how much this work fits what I have always felt inside of me and it seems to be paying off now. I do small work at this point but it is very rewarding to the max.
I finished my recording course and finished my advanced mastering courses.
I have always felt that ego will not pay off but listening to what the client wants will always be the way to go. Even as times change and technology changes people have an innate sense of wanting the best from someone when paying for a service.
This is the approach I have always felt was right and i have made a commitment to do so. This article summed up my future plans in the nut shell.
Please read this link
Taken from the article……((( )))
((((((((It’s not because you are some mixing wizard, it’s because you did your job to understand their needs above and beyond what you wanted to do.)))))))))
((((((((Who are you truly working for? Ask yourself this question honestly.
If your answer included anything with or similar to Me, Myself or I then being a mixing engineer probably isn’t for you.))))))))
I like that !!!!!!!
The above article is worth reading for all my musician friends in the field.
People just want to be satisfied with what is leaving your nest of work so give them the best rough mix you are capable of and not shy away from your duty as an engineer to communicate with them before they have to beg to get your attention. Sure you can bring the levels down to -18 add a little compression, leave some head room, color it up a bit and mix it with a basic mix with no extra effort make sure the needle doesn’t peak and let the master house beef it up and let it fly but will the clients like it? Most good mastering houses want the best from you anyway.
Something I learned in my classes. Be your best with every client.
After all the classes I have taken this is my view about my dealings with engineers in the past and I have been around several and most are really good but I have seen some that don’t care about the clients or even how the feel about the rough mix.
There are engineers that don’t listen and there are engineers that do. Both will be successful if their work is good going to the master house but will the relationship be the same? Will the client be as satisfied with just a good mix for the client? Taking in consideration what was discussed before hand will the engineer listen to the client?  Will the client be ok with a, I really I don’t care if you like it or not I know my work is good attitude.
I will go with the do it my best on the rough mix attitude myself. It’s just what I feel is the right thing to do.
People are just built this way deep down inside “they want the best from you” and when you give the best they reward you with a simple great job dude. Thank you very much for going the extra mile.
One of the 17 principles form Nepoleon Hill.
Going the extra mile always produces success along with his other principles of course.
David Wayne

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