Verse of the day 05_06_2014

Verse of the day James 1:12

Blessed is the man that endureth temptation: for when he is tried, he shall receive the crown of life, which the Lord hath promised to them that love him.

I pray everyday we all as Christians unite together and pray for each other because we have an accuser that is waiting to roar at us at every turn. We are attacked by the things of this world and we have to endure to the end like James 1:12 says.

The good thing about our tribulations and trials and temptations is that the battle has already been won and we are victorious now. We just need to live close to God and continue in his word so that one day we can stand before God and be in total confidence that the work Jesus did will finally be completed and God shall see us through Jesus.

We stand with confidence day by day as a believer to stare boldly at our enemy satin and let him know that as far as me and my house I will serve the Lord. No affliction, sickness, disparity, hardship,misfortune, distress, grievance, discomfort, calamity, difficulty, or asperity shall bring us down. Our faith in a finished work is something we as believers hang on to.

We love God but the world is in rebellion against the guidance of an all powerful, all knowing presence . The world runs from God and we run towards God.

There was a time in my life and not too long ago I trembled when satin would insinuate that I am not saved or I just thought I was saved or I was never going to be able to enter the gates of heaven because I had made so many mistakes. Satin tried to make me feel unworthy. Satin is correct, I am not worthy on my own but I know someone who is and all he has asked of me is to believe he can stand between my sins and the father will see me as worthy and complete without blemish.

Now that is something to be excited about today and gives me hope to continue without fear.

Now I really do count it as joy when I am tempted because I know it brings forth patients and strengthens me. As I endure I get stronger. Just as an athlete gets stronger with every exercise so do I with each temptation. He will make a way. That is the great part of being a Christian that lives by faith. We know that he will complete a work he started to the end. It’s a promise from the maker of the universe.

Just look at the aquatic life in the beautiful oceans. Literally 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of different forms of sea life. Having beautiful colors, different shapes, different functions. It is just awesome to think of just how infinite and powerful his presence is and to think he spoke it all into existence.

We are in good hands. I have no problem with putting my faith in a God that can create such things. It is amazing and we are but a speck of sand as to the millions of forms of life God has created. While he knows every hair on everyone’s head how could we not praise his name.

A crown awaits us as believers. I want to be able to stand before the king and author of heaven and earth and thank him for his gift of grace to me and every believer.

So as I move into another day given to me as a gift I want to thank and praise him for whatever comes my way today.

David W. Aucoin
Song for my day: ‘Victors Crown’ Hillsong¬†¬†¬† click here to listen

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